Region: Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardy, Italy

Monterucco was founded in 1936 by Luigi Valenti and is now run by his sons Roberto and Silvano.  Monterucco which in dialect means little earth mound, is the name of the hill beneath which lies the wine cellar.  Their philosophy is to grow older vines with low yields per hectare.  Roberto Valenti explains that only by keeping great quality in the vineyards can one obtain great wines in the cellar. 

Monterucco grows croatina, barbera, ughetta di canneto, pinot nero, malvasia di candia, uva rara, riseling italico, pinot grigio, moscato and chardonnay.  This great variety is possible thanks to the different elevations of the plots which go from 40 m to 280 m of elevation.  The majority of the vines are between 30 and 50 years old and a few still date back to 1936.

This area of the Oltrepò features medium texture soils with clay elements and often steep slopes, ideal elements for red wines like Bonarda and Buttafuoco and for making sparkling wines of considerable character.

Monterucco follows integrated viticulture; the grass is left to grow between the vines in order to keep the right balance between nature and the vines.  No herbicides are used.  The vines are hand pruned and hand picked so there is always a direct connection between man and vine. 


The Sangue di Giuda won the 2019 Golden Rose at Viniplus, the Lombardy sommelier guide.

The 2016 Buttafuoco received 3 Camune Roses from Viniplus.  It also received the green Rose denoting low levels of sulfites used. 

The 2016 Buttafuoco has also been awarded with 2 cups by the Gambero Rosso guide.

Viniplus awarded the winery for its excellent traditional method sparkling and Bonarda wine.

Wines from this producer:

2018 Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC Frizzante

2016 Buttafuoco dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC “Sanluigi”

2018 Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC “I Primi Fiori” Frizzante – in white

2012 Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese v.s.q. traditional method

The winemaker Roberto Valenti with his trusty dog Atos.