Locatelli Caffi

Region: Valcalepio, Lombardy, Italy

The winery is run by two brothers Diego e Fabio Locatelli.  The current company was founded in 1991 but the family has been making wine for more than five generations.  The name changed in 1991 when the father of Diego and Fabio decided to add to Locatelli their mother’s last name, Caffi. Their focus is on smaller production and higher quality, not to hurry the grapes and allow them to mature and express all their qualities.

The winery has 30 ha and it focuses mostly on Valcalepio Rosso DOC blends made with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the Valcalepio Bianco DOC made with Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, and the passito style wine Moscato di Scanzo which is a specialty of this area.  They also grow local grape varieties such as Franconia, Marzemino and Incrocio Manzoni which they use in some of the wines.

Recently Locatelli Caffi decided to focus on quality and move to higher density plots of at least 4000 vines per hectare with low yields per vine. As a result the average age of the vines is about 15 years.  The San Pantaleone cru where the Pilendri wine comes from is 19 years old.  The Locatelli brothers follow integrated viticulture and let grass grow between the vines.  They only use organic fertilizers about every five years and harvest all the grapes by hand. 

Locatelli Caffi grows all their own grapes in four different vineyards from 280 to 400 m above sea level on the gentle Valcalepio hills which have silt-clay, calcareous-clay, moderately loosed packed soils.


The winery has been awarded 3 Camune Roses for many of their wines by Viniplus the Lombardy Sommelier guide.  It also received the green Rose which denotes low sulfite content.

Wines from this producer:

2015 Valcalepio Rosso DOC “I Pilendri”