Region: Franciacorta, Lombardy, Italy

The Berardi family, led by Piero Berardi, has been making wine in the Brescia region since the 1920’s and in Franciacorta for nearly 40 years.

Montedelma is named after the small hill Monte Delma which separates the town of Passirano from Monticelli Brusati, in the center of Franciacorta. The winery makes sparkling traditional method wines according to the strict standards of the Franciacorta regulations.  They make Brut, Saten, Rosé and Pas Dosé.  Piero believes that focusing on organic viticulture is the key to quality, terroir-driven wines.    

Montedelma grows 20 hectares of chardonnay, pinot bianco and pinot nero in four different vineyards some that have scattered colluvium soil and some with glacial bed soil.  This variety allows the producer to achieve more complexity in the sparkling blends.  The oldest vines are about 30 years old.

Piero Berardi has worked hard to fully convert the vineyards to organic viticulture.  This was achieved in 2018.  They harvest by hand, keep yields low and ferment separately by plot of origin in order to emphasize the originality of each varietal and each vineyard.  The Brut is fermented in steel while a small part of the Chardonnay in their Saten is matured for 6 months in barriques.  All their wines are vintage wines and no blending of reserve wine is used.  This is done to make sure each vintage retains its unique profile.


Montedelma has received 3 Camune Roses from Viniplus, the Lombardy sommelier guide and the green Rose indicating low levels of sulfites in their wines.

Wines from this producer:

2016 Franciacorta Brut