Respect the fruit

Colle dei Rubini – Hill of Rubies

We are committed to bringing you little gems from Italy.  Our portfolio currently includes red, white, sparkling and frizzante wines from the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and South Tyrol.

We champion small producers that focus on the quality and care given to their grapes, use manual harvesting and follow winemaking that respects the fruit and terroir.  We believe wines should be true to their origins, honest and delicious!

Our philosophy is to choose wines made with grapes traditional of their DOC and DOCG zones in a way that showcases the varietals’ potential in their terroir.  At the same time we look for wines that are great representatives of their area and that do not tamper with the grape’s individuality; so lower intervention in the cellar and no or judicious barrel ageing.

Our mission is to please customers by providing wines that are unique, not unnecessarily complex, yet very interesting and multi-layered: they evolve in the glass and in the bottle… like a ruby stone that shows a different reflex as one turns it.

Our wines can be enjoyed on their own but  really shine at the dinner table as we believe the enjoyment of wine is really enhanced by the right food pairing and company.