2018 Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC “I Primi Fiori” Frizzante – in white

Producer: Monterucco

Production zone: from the hills of Cigognola at 100 m of elevation.

Vines: 100% Pinot Nero.

Vinification: hand picked grapes.  Vinified in white with soft pressing and fermentation at low temperatures in steel.  Re-fermented to obtain the frizzante style.

Sensory Characteristics:

Colour: light and brilliant with a minimal tinge of green/straw.
Aroma: apple skin and Asian pears, a touch of pomelo and some yeasty notes of Pinot Noir.
Taste: delicate, with minerality, subtle frizzante bubbles and white fruits.

Accompaniment: excellent with sushi, lobster ravioli or a nice conversation around the fire pit. 

Serving temperature: serve cold.

Summary: frizzante done right. Simplicity in wine is beautiful and can be enjoyed in this gorgeous wine.  The Pinot Nero in this area is so expressive that even in white after a soft pressing can showcase a lot of delicate multifaceted nuances.