2018 Freisa d’Asti DOC “Eclissi”

Producer: Fasoglio

Production zone: from the plot of San Giorgio in Aramengo, a beautiful hill by the remnants of an old church.  This area is north of Asti and is well suited to growing Freisa.  Here this varietal achieves more color and character.

Vines: 100% Freisa

Vinification: hand harvest with “bigoncia”.  De-stemming, pressing and maceration on the skins for 6-8 days.  Ageing in stainless until the next spring.

Sensory Characteristics:

Colour:   light and lively ruby
Aroma:   Intense, roses, raspberry and a little strawberry with a light pleasant vinosity.
Taste:   dry, lively, fresh and medium tannin balanced by the berry fruitiness.

Accompaniment:   Ideal with creamy pastas, risottos and cheeses but also very versatile with just about anything.

Serving temperature:   16-18° C but can be served also slightly chilled.

Summary: fun, light-bodied, lively and delicate yet assertive thanks to its tannin that makes it a super food-friendly wine.